Committee Hub

Please find below a range of documents which will aid the running of your club. If you have any further questions about any of the documents, please contact

Committee Hub

Please find below a range of documents which will aid the running of your club. If you have any further questions about any of the documents, please contact

Club Operations

Sports Grant Request To apply for a grant request, please download this form and return to Luke Johnson ( and copy in your coordinator and sports exec representative, along with a copy of your inventory and up to date budget.

Student Expense Process – we are no longer completing expenses via the original forms, expenses will now all be claimed online via UERP (click the link to see the guide).  Please talk to your club Coordinator or relevant staff member before making a claim.

  • You need to be connected to the university’s VPN when accessing UERP, see the instructions from IT to find out more

UEA Sport and SU Entitlements Matrix 2022-23  The purpose of this document is to outline which campus resources and facilities, provided by uea+sport and uea(su), different types of students, alumni and members of the public (associate) can access.

Associate Membership Information – if you are a alumni or external individual to the university and wish to be a member of a sports club you need to read this information to understand the application process.

u18s in Sports Clubs – Principles and processes regarding under 18s joining UEA sports clubs 2023-24

Becoming a Sports Club How to form a new sports club.

Club sponsorship guidelines Regulations regarding club sponsorship.



BUCS Team Sheet For all BUCS matches, please fill in the details for all players and email a copy of the team sheet to Lois Millican (

BUCS playing under protest Essential form which needs completing if there is an discrepancy during a BUCS match. Must be completed before half of the fixture is completed and brought into the uea+sport office following the match.

Referee Receipts – all teams/captains need a copy of this to use when paying officials on the day of the fixture.


Committee Training

Equality and Diversity Training: Compulsory for all three signatories AND Equality and Diversity officers to complete eLearning sessions. Other committee members are welcome to complete the training.

Finance e-learning: All committee signatories are required to complete the Finance eLearning online course.

Sustainability e-Learning: Available to any student club member who wants more knowledge on sustainability within the sporting sector.

For all e-Learnings you get an electronic certificate upon completion.


Health & Safety and Behaviour

If there is an accident or injury during your sporting activity at the Sportspark or Colney Lane that has already been reported by a member of staff then you don’t need to do anything further. If there is an accident or injury anywhere on or off campus that hasn’t been reported, you need to complete a UEA Sport Accident Report Form. If there is any other incident or near miss during your sporting activity (or travelling to and from venues), you must complete a UEA Sport Incident Report Form. Both forms need to returned to James Raywood (

Personal Accident Insurance Policy Summary – for further information please email

How to help a student in a crisis flowchart – click on the link to see what to do if you are concerned about a student’s mental health.

Maintaining Good Order policy – Guidelines on Non-Academic Discipline Policy and Procedures

Emergency procedure – please keep note of these procedures if you are in an emergency situation.


Trips & Vehicle hire

Notification of club trips High risk clubs are required to complete this with details of their trip and a list of members taking part. This form needs to be returned to James Raywood ( at least 3 working days prior to the trip for approval.

Declaration by trip participants This form needs to be completed and signed by all trip participants to give their consent following a briefing by the trip organisers. This form needs to be returned to James Raywood ( at least 3 working days prior to the trip for approval.

Trip Form Please fill in the details of all participants going on a trip and submit this via email to and copy in your club coordinator.

Private Vehicle Registration FormThis form needs to be completed by any student who is using their own car to travel on an event/trip. With this form, you also need to hand in a copy of your driving licence, an MOT certificate if applicable and an insurance document.

Minibus Procedures – This document requires to be read by all minibus drivers regularly to ensure that there are aware of all of the uea+sport minibus procedures which we have in place.

Minibus Test Application Form  Please complete this form if you would like to drive a uea+sport minibus for a club trip. Please return send the completed form to

uea+sport Vehicle Policy This vehicle policy is aimed at regulating the use of the uea+sport Vehicles and externally hired vehicles in order to ensure that the use of vehicles through the University follows best practice.

Minibus bids – If your club would like to hire a minibus, please complete the minibus bids form and send the completed form to

Vehicle Chit – You need to complete this online checklist before you start your journey and after you have returned the vehicle.

License Check for returning drivers – please use this link if we require for you to do a DVLA license check.


Useful Resources

UEA Sport Linktree – a page which contains links to our current programmes.

Managing conflict resources – helps with understanding why conflict occurs, how to handle it and how to get it resolved.