Lois Millican

Meet Lois Millican who is an undergraduate Biomedicine Student in her third year.

Lois Millican

Meet Lois Millican who is an undergraduate Biomedicine Student in her third year.

Why did you sign up to Moves?

I signed up to be able to compete with my friends and other UEA students, and to help motivate me to stay fit.

What do you like about Moves?

I like that it’s a healthy form of social media, free of judgement and full of encouragement and motivation. I like to see what exercise my teammates and friends have been doing and like using the app to keep track of my own.

Has Moves impacted your physical activity levels and how?

Yes, the competitive element and chance to receive rewards has motivated me to do more exercise, especially in lockdown.

What do you like doing physical activity-wise?

Under normal circumstances I love to play netball, I enjoy attending training and strength and conditioning sessions. However, during the current pandemic I’ve adjusted my normal exercise routine. Whilst I still attend zoom training, I go on a lot longer walks and home workouts with my housemates.

What are your top tips for being physical active?

The key to being physically active is motivation, which can be the hardest part when in a pandemic. I like to exercise with my housemates as working out with others helps me to stay motivated and push myself more. In the current climate I think any form of exercise, no matter how little is great. Even if you can only manage a small walk, just to get some fresh air, it all helps.

What rewards have you enjoyed claiming?

I personally haven’t claimed any awards, however during the first lockdown you could spend your points on charities, so I spent my points that way. I thought this was a great idea and made me feel as if I was helping out.

What are your favourite challenges?

My favourite challenges are the lockdown challenges, as they are keeping me sane and entertained during this lockdown!