Kate Cannon

Meet Kate, a Specialist Pharmacy Technician

Kate Cannon

Meet Kate, a Specialist Pharmacy Technician

Why did you sign up for Moves?

To earn points to get coffee!

What do you like about Moves?

There are different levels of activity challenges to select for how much you think will be achievable personally.

Has Moves impacted your physical activity levels and how?

It has spurred me to go out on walks on days when I would not usually do so – like office days. When I was isolating due to COVID I walked around my garden for 1 hour a day to ensure I got my step count in for a challenge I was completing to try and win a Nintendo Switch.

What do you like doing physical activity-wise?

I started Couch to 5K in January and am enjoying doing running. I mostly do that or walking at the moment as there isn’t much else available! I did go biking a lot last year but then had a bad accident falling off at a speed which resulted in shoulder surgery so I haven’t been back on my bike since.

What are your top tips for being physically active?

Go out even when you don’t feel like it! If 10,000 steps a day is too much then set a more realistic goal.

What rewards have your enjoyed claiming?

I started collecting these to get coffee but as we haven’t been on campus I have been saving them up. I recently got a hoodie, which I love. I am going to get a water bottle when I am back on campus.

What are your favourite challenges (if you do them)?

The ones where you can win something. This really makes it more exciting.