Get Mindful

Get Mindful

At this time you may be thinking of potential ways to support your wellbeing and how to do this virtually. For those of you who are interested Kate Russell from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning has created some great mindfulness sessions that you can access at any time and have a go at. No experience needed but maybe start with the introduction video just to give you some basics about how to set your space up to practice. You can find the sessions created so far below:

·         Mindfulness Introduction and Basic Instructions

·         Body Scan (20 mins)

·         Awareness of Breath (18 mins)

·         Mountain Meditation (12 mins)

·         Mindful eating (15 mins)

·        Awareness of sounds (14 mins) 

·        Awareness of breath, body, sounds, thought (22 mins)

·         Mindful Stretching (18 mins)

·          Mindful Walking (12 mins)

·          3 Step Breathing Space (9 mins)