Go Green Week

This year, UEA are hosting Go Green Week from 3rd – 9th May 2021.

Go Green Week

This year, UEA are hosting Go Green Week from 3rd – 9th May 2021.

Throughout the week will be running a range of activities to promote sustainable living.

Monday 3rd May – Munch Monday 

A qualified nutritionist will deliver a short workshop teaching you how to have a healthy diet as an athlete whilst also limiting your environmental impact based on the food you consume.

Tuesday 4th May – Try Tuesday

Try something new that will benefit the planet! The options are endless; try walking or cycling somewhere you would usually drive, try picking up some litter in your local area, try switching to a plant based diet for the day.

Wednesday 5th May – Wellness Wednesday 

Live virtual cookalong – 7pm

Look after yourself and look after the planet at the same time by participating in our Go Green Week cookalong. There will be two recipes to choose from; one meat and one plant based. We will post the ingredients list a few days before and we hope you can join us in cooking a delicious and nutritious meal that uses locally grown and in season ingredients.

Thursday 6th May – Thrifting Thursday

Think about the products that you own and consider if you could swap them for a more sustainable option, for example switching to using a shampoo bar or bamboo toothbrush. Also think twice before throwing something away – could it be fixed or donated before being chucked in the dustbin and ending up in landfill?

Friday 7th May – Future Friday

Live Virtual Game Changers Watchalong – 8pm

We will be watching this insightful Netflix documentary on Friday evening which highlights some high profile vegan athletes and examines the science behind the effect of plant based diets on performance sport. It would be great for you all to watch it as well and let us know what you think!

During the day, also think about a change that you can make now to have a positive impact on the future of the planet.

Saturday 8th May – Supporting Saturday

Why not support a green charity on UEA+MOVES or shop at a local green business?

Sunday 9th May – Sustainable Sunday

Look back on the week and think about what you are going to take forward.

We would like to organise some litter picks on campus over the weekend of Go Green Week but these will be weather dependant so more details on this will be announced closer to the time.

For more information and event links, please visit our Go Green Week Page